Langford Park, Jarrahdale


Langford Park, near Jarrahdale is an absolutely fantastic option for a ride near Perth. Located at Langford Park, it has a whole host of trails in the area with a longer 17km outside loop. Just pick a path and go! If you get lost, generally heading up the hill will lead you back to a familiar area.


45kms south of Perth.

Get me there?
Head south along the Tonkin Highway right until the end and turn left on to Thomas Street. When you reach the South Western Highway turn right and head along this for 5km or so. Turn left into Jarrahdale road and then left into Nettleton Rd. Langford Park is signposted off this and is a national park with both mountain bike trails and walking trails. When you reach the roundabout, just continue straight through to the picnic area and park! (You can go right or left to reach other areas but for your first time just go to the picnic area.)

The Tracks

The main track is marked with red material signs and is the most well beaten up of the tracks, it generally runs around the outer side of the park. From the picnic area, head up past the BBQs on the paved path to the top carpark, from here if you ride straight ahead you will see a trail and then one of the material markers on a tree about 100m further on. The track has some great free flowing banking runs, with some rest sections along fire trails. There are also some good log hops, drops, rocky technical sections and a couple of small uphill moments. My personal favorite is out the back going clockwise down the Wizard of Oz and passed the Tin Man, you will see these when you come to them! Watch out for the pea gravel, there are some thick areas of it and it can be treacherous at speed. Keep your weight back and tyres straight if you hit some unexpectedly.

There are plenty of other tracks out there, but take a friend or GPS if you don’t know them as you can easily get lost. If you do, most of the fire trails run through the tracks and you’ll eventually end up on one, and then a road, and you’ll most likely end up back at the roundabout…other option is to head up the hill as this generally puts back to a familiar location. Do the outside loop a few times before taking random paths as it will give you a good feel for the area and mean you can recognize certain sections…but be careful.

The tracks are often updated for races or just for a general change with new features added regularly so keep returning and discovering these great trails!

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